Thursday, July 27, 2006 Vs. Normal.dotM

I am not sure what is going on, and must investigate further.

I have useful macros in my Word97/2000/2003 I have labeled it so because no matter which version I load, the runs just fine.

Word2007 loads a Normal.dotM which is, of course, a different file from my

When I load Word2000 I am using my

When I load Word2007 I am using my Normal.dotM.

The batch file for Word97/2000/2003 refreshes by copying it from a secure location (another anti-virus bulwark):

copy c:\SAFE\Normal080.DOT "c:\Templates\Normal.DOT"
call "C:\Program Files\Office2000\Office\winword.EXE"

A natural consequence of this is that no matter how much I modify, no matter I save the changes, they disappear on the next load. (Actually the batch file archives them, but that doesn’t affect the story).

The startup sequence in includes checking the Auto recovery data (Tools, Options, Save, “Save auto recover”) and modifying a toolbar button. The toolbar button shows an orange lozenge if Auto recover is set zero, otherwise shows a “1”. “5” or “10”, and clicking the button cycles me through “0”, “1”, “5” or “10” minutes respectively.

Further, if the value of “Save auto recover” is non-zero, the startup sequence alerts me with a message box.

This has been working for me for several years; I generally don’t trust Auto recover, and turn it on only when I am doing lengthy text entry.

Word2007, of course, doesn’t see my C:\Greaves\Admin\Templates\Normal.Dot, or at least, chooses not to, so in general I don’t see my lozenge available.

Whereas loading Word2000 shows the lozenge in residence:

Clicking the lozenge twice cycles me from zero through 1 to 5 minutes:

If I cycle through, the toolbar button image is changed, and so I am prompted to save

And if I re-load Word2000 inspects the Save Auto recover value and re-fabricates the toolbar button (remember I always start with a fresh copy of and issues an alert – in this case for 1 minute:

Here is the oddity: When I load Word2007, and hook in as an addin, Word2007 reports the save interval to be 10 minutes:

As well, the toolbar icon shows 10 minutes as the button caption – consistent with my message box, but inconsistent with what I know to be there!


is the key to the problem.

I believe that Word saves the value of SaveInterval in the registry, under the infamous “Data” branch. That being so, each of my 4 versions of Word (97, 2000, 2003 and 2007) ought to exhibit different save values.

I put this to the test by setting SaveInterval to be 0, 1, 5 and 10 respectively in the four versions , and sure enough, checking the Auto recovery data (Tools, Options, Save, “Save auto recover”) in each version shows that it is so preserved.

My Normal Startup is working correctly.

If I want to set the SaveInterval in one version and have it carried over to the next version, I must perform some skullduggery with the registry from within my VBA code. And for this issue I would rather not do that here and now!


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