Thursday, August 10, 2006

No News Is Good News

I’m feeling guilty about the lack of posts. Let me explain.

I am using all four versions of Office97, Office2000, Office2003 and Office 2007.

All four versions point to the same startup folder “C:\Greaves\Startup\WORD”, wherein are found 15 application templates (14 of them mine!) and a utility library (UW.DOT).

With the exception of my Toolbars macros (BestFitToolbars, Lock/Unlock Toolbars) every macro that I use in every one of those 15 applications is working fine.

That’s about 660 macros. Of course, I’m not running each macro every day, but I have 660+ macros available to me whenever I load Word. Then I have the other applications that I add-in for one-off jobs.

Some of my code is seven years old.

There’s even a trace of WordBasic. In there!

It is working.

I have not yet essayed into the XML-like stuff that we VBAers are dreading.

However, if you are a developer with a large investment in VBA, rest easy. My experience shows that our legacy code works just fine, and the urgent Office12 project which will land on your desk tomorrow can be developed quickly in VBA without a long learning curve into XML.

That’s good news!


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