Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Server Threw An Exception - I Threw A Fit!

I have a Word application called Proje(ct). It serves me well by indenting, listing, sorting, harvesting VBA code in Word, Excel and PowerPoint projects. It works well, although I say so myself.

I am especially in need of it after a long session of cut-and-paste, to re-indent my source code so that it appears correctly nested.

To my horror this morning I received a run-time error:

A search of Woody's Lounge brought no hits. A search of Google Groups fared little better.

Thrown back on my own resources I tracked the problem down to my running Proje under Word 2000, as I am wont to do, but the application having mysteriously latched on to a version '12' of the Excel library, that is, instead of this:

I saw this:

I'm not surprised that Word2000 objects to an attempt to discuss affairs with Office 12, but I'm puzzled as to how Microsoft managed to slip inside my locked template, modify it, and save it!


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