Thursday, August 31, 2006

Could Not Open Macro Storage

Our friends are still here - the Macro Storage Twins.

I crafted a neat Word2000 VBA macro yesterday, saved it in a document. This morning I executed the document into Word2007 beta, finally found the macro (in another blog), and ran it.

The macro updates Access fields, and before too long I ran into the "invalid use of Null" liability clause. My fault. Should have seen it coming. Choose Debug; may as well fix it now.

Ta Da! They're baaaaack!

I still can't get out of this apparent loop. I say apparent because it is not apparent to me that it ends. With twenty of forty modules in various projects sitting around, I may be getting the pop up from each failed attempt to open a module.

I don't have time for that. Task manager and beta-be-gone! I'm using the time I saved to write this blog. Sniff.

More and more I feel that Office 12 is just Office 2003 is just Office 2003 is just Office 2002 is just Office 2000 is just Office 97, but now we have a ribbon.

I feel like tying a yellow ribbon around Microsoft's neck sometimes .. (Just Kidding!)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Asking for a default ribbon.

A post of interest to developers can be found at my "other" Office 2007 blog here:

With an image of my screen here:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Server Threw An Exception - I Threw A Fit!

I have a Word application called Proje(ct). It serves me well by indenting, listing, sorting, harvesting VBA code in Word, Excel and PowerPoint projects. It works well, although I say so myself.

I am especially in need of it after a long session of cut-and-paste, to re-indent my source code so that it appears correctly nested.

To my horror this morning I received a run-time error:

A search of Woody's Lounge brought no hits. A search of Google Groups fared little better.

Thrown back on my own resources I tracked the problem down to my running Proje under Word 2000, as I am wont to do, but the application having mysteriously latched on to a version '12' of the Excel library, that is, instead of this:

I saw this:

I'm not surprised that Word2000 objects to an attempt to discuss affairs with Office 12, but I'm puzzled as to how Microsoft managed to slip inside my locked template, modify it, and save it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

No News Is Good News

I’m feeling guilty about the lack of posts. Let me explain.

I am using all four versions of Office97, Office2000, Office2003 and Office 2007.

All four versions point to the same startup folder “C:\Greaves\Startup\WORD”, wherein are found 15 application templates (14 of them mine!) and a utility library (UW.DOT).

With the exception of my Toolbars macros (BestFitToolbars, Lock/Unlock Toolbars) every macro that I use in every one of those 15 applications is working fine.

That’s about 660 macros. Of course, I’m not running each macro every day, but I have 660+ macros available to me whenever I load Word. Then I have the other applications that I add-in for one-off jobs.

Some of my code is seven years old.

There’s even a trace of WordBasic. In there!

It is working.

I have not yet essayed into the XML-like stuff that we VBAers are dreading.

However, if you are a developer with a large investment in VBA, rest easy. My experience shows that our legacy code works just fine, and the urgent Office12 project which will land on your desk tomorrow can be developed quickly in VBA without a long learning curve into XML.

That’s good news!