Thursday, August 31, 2006

Could Not Open Macro Storage

Our friends are still here - the Macro Storage Twins.

I crafted a neat Word2000 VBA macro yesterday, saved it in a document. This morning I executed the document into Word2007 beta, finally found the macro (in another blog), and ran it.

The macro updates Access fields, and before too long I ran into the "invalid use of Null" liability clause. My fault. Should have seen it coming. Choose Debug; may as well fix it now.

Ta Da! They're baaaaack!

I still can't get out of this apparent loop. I say apparent because it is not apparent to me that it ends. With twenty of forty modules in various projects sitting around, I may be getting the pop up from each failed attempt to open a module.

I don't have time for that. Task manager and beta-be-gone! I'm using the time I saved to write this blog. Sniff.

More and more I feel that Office 12 is just Office 2003 is just Office 2003 is just Office 2002 is just Office 2000 is just Office 97, but now we have a ribbon.

I feel like tying a yellow ribbon around Microsoft's neck sometimes .. (Just Kidding!)


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